Petition To Watch, Or Maybe Not

Watch out, they are watching you

Other blogs like to highlight noteworthy Supreme Court petitions that have a good chance of being granted. Your blogger is not so high-minded. He sometimes likes to focus on the petitions that are, how to put it, a little unusual.

Take Laura Solway v. Barack Obama, 09-1401, for example. This petition, on the court’s summer list, concerns Washington state resident Laura Solway’s claim that the military is controlling her by way of some crazy satellite technology. Wow, that beats ERISA any day of the week.

“From thousands of miles away an intelligence officer in the military, sitting at his computer console, can hear you think, change your thought patterns and manipulate your body,” Solway states in her petition (She does not have a lawyer). She says she has been controlled in this manner for eight years. Apparently her operator wanted her to file a lawsuit “to demystify the program and make it’s [sic] operations public.” Solway outlines her views further on her website,

It could be a long shot, your blogger thinks. Even the sometimes wacky 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected her claim as “so insubstantial as to not require further argument.” Clearly the military got to the 9th Circuit judges first.

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  1. So weird. Just for arguments’ sake, if the government/military WAS controlling her mind, would they honestly want anyone else to know about it?

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