Justice Breyer On Wigs And Fancy Robes

Justice Breyer doesn't wear a wig or fancy robes

Your blogger recently interviewed Justice Stephen G. Breyer about the U.K. Supreme Court. The justice attended the court’s opening ceremony in October. The resulting article is in today’s Daily Journal (subscribers only).

Here’s a taster:

DJ: Did the British justices have their ceremonial robes on?

Breyer: They were wearing ceremonial robes.

DJ: How did you like the robes they have? They are considerably more ornate than yours.

Breyer: Well they have gold in them. We have plain black robes. We were not wearing robes. Most of the other countries have elaborate robes. We did not wear robes at all. We normally don’t wear robes when we’re not in court.

DJ: Did you get any fashion tips? No ermine or anything?

Breyer: None we are going to adopt. I think I said to someone – he said: “Why don’t you have robes?” I said: “We fought a revolution against that.” And he said: “Well, that was rather bad luck for you.”

DJ: The U.K. justices are not wearing wigs any more though.

Breyer: I guess they are not. We have never worn wigs. Perhaps that would be a benefit to me as I don’t have much hair.

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