Justice Kennedy Bashes “Stupid” New York Times Story

Justice Kennedy

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy clearly wasn’t happy with last week’s New York Times story in which the paper’s Supreme Court reporter, Adam Liptak, revealed that Kennedy’s office had asked a school newspaper to show him a copy of an article before it could be published.

In an interview published today in the Wall Street Journal, written by its Supreme Court reporter, Jess Bravin, Kennedy condemned Liptak’s article as a “stupid story” while admitting that a new employee in his office had “misunderstood” his usual policy of barring outside media from classroom events but allowing school media to attend.

Kennedy spoke to students during a visit to posh New York school Dalton. The story about the restrictions imposed on the school newspaper ran on the front page of the New York Times. For the record, the Wall Street Journal story ran on page six.

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