Life On The Open Road With Justice Thomas

Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas

If you are wondering where Justice Clarence Thomas is at the moment, the answer is that he is somewhere in upstate New York with his wife, Ginni, in an RV. As is customary for the open road-loving justice, he’s taking in some “real America” over the summer months (not to be confused with the “fake America” that is Washington).

On public radio show The Takeaway today, Ginni Thomas talked about their now-famous RV trips, including their love of Wal-Mart parking lots. As Mrs. Thomas relates:

We have been in dozens of Wal-Mart parking lots across the country. It’s one of our favorite things to do. You can get a little shopping in, see part of real America. It’s fun!

It’s certainly a lot more fun than sitting through an oral argument.

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