White House Coy On Supreme Court Interviews

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs momentarily stunned a bunch of hacks getting ready for the long weekend when he joked today that the president will announce his Supreme Court nominee at 6.30am Saturday morning. Transcript:

Gotcha!  I’m done.  That’s obviously a joke, but I did love to see that — if somebody can quickly text me the name of a chiropractor because at least four dozen necks snapped in one direction.

Gibbs’ joke masked the fact that he wasn’t giving anything away. He refused to rule out the prospect of an announcement next week and also dodged a question about whether the president would interview any candidates over the weekend at Camp David, although he did say he might have more information later today. The Daily Journal reported today that Sonia Sotomayor is rumored to be paying a visit (DJ is subscriber only, but a summary of the story is here).

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