Justice Scalia’s Twitter Feed (Or Not)

Browsing Twitter for Supreme Court related feeds, your blogger came across an account said to be that of a certain Antonin Scalia.  It features slightly amusing (but mostly profane, unfunny) posts about life on the court. The writer clearly follows the court’s activities fairly closely. There’s even a reference to a long-running Navajo Nation case decided earlier this week, in which Scalia wrote the majority opinion. The court ruled against the Navajo Nation in a mineral rights case so obscure even SCOTUSblog hardly mentioned it.

“Scalia” wrote:

“Yes! screwing the Navajo Nation on coal leases AGAIN! Even Souter and Stevens concur, but say they’re not through regretting it. Pussies!”

Other posts are in a similar vein:

“Schooled Alito on his puppyish need for approval. Pointed out that ‘boxers or amicus briefs?’ isn’t funny.”

Most of the posts are considerably more puerile. “Scalia” currently has 51 followers on Twitter. Interestingly, “Scalia” himself is following just four other Twitterers,  including Thomas Jefferson and someone called HotAmishChick.

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