Justice O’Connor Plays It For Laughs

Sandra Day O'ConnorRetired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor had a few laughs with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show earlier this week, reminiscing about her role as the “first cowgirl” on the Supreme Court, as she put it.

Stewart, as might be expected, got the best lines. When O’Connor told him that it was unlikely that the justices would allow oral arguments to be televised, Stewart didn’t seem too concerned.

“I hope it doesn’t [happen],” he said. “Not that I don’t find Judge Judy fascinating.”

Perhaps the most revealing comment was when O’Connor admitted that the justices do talk about the public perception of the court “from time to time.”

Stewart pressed further, asking if the tone of the discussion is along the lines of “you hear those idiots?”

“Aha,” O’Connor replied.

Now we know.

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